my new med ivory buffalo YSL downtown!

  1. I love love love YSL. Especially this F/W. The RTW is beautiful. I just started shopping YSL. I own the patent tribute slingbacks in black (not the whorish kind) and now a medium ivory downtown!! :drool:

    Sorry for my modeling pic. I was in a nightgown! Hehe. I'm 5' 98lbs, the medium is HUGE! I use it as a daily workbag and a great alternative to my Gerard Darel Charlotte because of the structuredness. I can fit my work pumps, lunch, letter sized documents and files, makeup bag, wallet, blackberry, razr, and gazillion other things. I wanted to get the deerskin in ivory but it didn't have that handy pocket in the front. :sad: But the buffalo is soo durable. I didn't regret my purchase at all. PLUS i got it on bluefly for 20% off!




  2. Ooooooo, congrats on your new Downtown, absolutanne!!!!!! It's gorgeous and it looks GREAT on you. Yes, they are roomy tote bags, but they are supposed to be that way. :yes: Even though deerksin is luscious, I actually prefer the buffalo or patent versions w/ pockets on the outside. Sounds like you got a great deal, too.

    Don't forget to post a pic here...
    ... and here ...
  3. Congrats :yahoo:Your bag and shoes are gorgeous. I love the Downtown in Ivory.:tup: Enjoy them in good health.:smile:
  4. thanks cosmopolitan and nanaz!! i think you are both YSL experts here! cosmopolitan, nice to see you from the Chanel forum! :smile:
  5. Yeah, that's me, I get around, lol!!!! :rolleyes:

    I think that Chanel and YSL have a similar vibe/constituency. I'm surprised there isn't more crossover. Perhaps with all the Chanel prices increases, more tPFers will become interested in YSL.
  6. Congrats on the gorgeous new bag!!
  7. Congratulations on the bag and shoes! Love them both!
  8. absolutanne, I love your shoes and that color DT! I have been abusing my medium DT horribly and it's taking it just fine. In fact it's getting more buttery soft with use! I got the same deal on Bluefly :drinks:
  9. :woohoo:
    The downtown looks great on you and those shoes are breathtaking!!!