my new mean little magenta piggy *pics inside* :)

  1. Got her last week... doesn't she look mean? She'll keep me in line on my ban until March 1. ;) comparison pics are to show the difference to the regular hardware coin purses :love:





  2. How cute! cOngrats.. what a LiL mean thing! hahah :tup:
  3. Heehee mean and PINK! what an oxymoron... love your new addition :drool:
  4. So cute!!
  5. Congrats! I think I need one of these "mean" things... :graucho: This may be my next Bal purchase. Good luck with your ban too...I'm going to need one of those as well VERY soon. :sad:
  6. very very very nice :tup:
  7. That's my favorite coin purse!!! The color and SGH are the best combo!!! Enjoy!!!!!!
  8. love your 'meany' coin purse.

    the color is gorge.
  9. wow...that color and the giant hardware!!! gorgeous....congrats :smile:
  10. Lol, how cute! It really does look like a face when it's upside-down :smile: Congrats on your new coin purse!
  11. aww thanks oogiewoogie, missgc, couture, amber, iyoyo, zacorey, miss_tina, e_pinpin, & erica! :cutesy:

    I always forget to post accessories! I need to be a better enabler ;)
  12. That is so cute! I love the gh on the coins!!
  13. Oh my, what a cutie! I love it, congrats!
  14. sooo pretty!!!! :drool:



  15. So cute. I lvoe it. Congrats!