My new MC Speedy! Just excited and wanted to share

  1. After wanting an MC Speedy for like 3 yrs I finally got one. I brought a used bag off a mypoupette approved seller and it arrived today. It is indeed authentic and I love it! It does have some wear as it is a pre-loved bag but overall its in very good condition and the patina isn't too dark. I noticed a fleur where the print had lifted a little/faded (u can see it in the pic, middle line at the end, brown fleur), but I hear this is common with murakami pieces because of the way they are silk screen printed? Also I noticed the front pocket was a little dis-coloured (I hear this is also common?). None of these things bother me or take away from the beauty of the bag though. Here is a pic of my baby lol. I'm just really excited and wanted to share! Other MC owners - is there anything I can do to protect the canvas to prevent any further fading of the letters? Or is that just a sad fact of the multicolore printing

  2. Oh what a beauty! I absolutely love the MC speedy, im loving the honey patina with it. All i can say is congrats on such a fabulous bag! :biggrin:
  3. congrats! the colour combo on your bag is really pretty, and the patina is a great colour too.
  4. Thanks =) It would have taken me ages to save for a brand new bag, so I decided to buy a used one. I got him for cheaper than retail and that made me very happy. I like the fact he has a nice patina, I prefer my bags with a patina, gives them some character.
  5. It's soooo beautiful :smile: Congratulations --- It looks like it was loved so nicely hehe
  6. Congrats...looks beautiful!! I'm in dire need of an MC!!
  7. Does he look in good condition for a used bag u think? I do. I know its not the same as having a brand spanking new one, but I always wanted one and I'm glad I could get one without going broke in the process! I know I have to expect some wear with a used bag though.
  8. That is fantastic - what a bargain! I agree with you about the Patina I love a bag with character it looks better than a bag straight off the rack IMO :biggrin:
  9. yay, congrats! She's gorgeous!
  10. Congrats on your MC speedy! It has a very nice color combo :smile:
  11. Oh thanks! You are sweet. As much as my husband indulges my LV obsession, we just weren't prepared to spend $2,795 AU on a brand new MC Speedy. Thats why I brought a used one. I'm still *VERY* happy though. I know he'll start to feel like *MINE* when I start taking him out and about =)
  12. Congrats! If I recall correctly, the front pocket has been replaced, thus some fleur seems 'fading' but it's just LV can't find the exact piece of canvas to match all the different colors on MC.
  13. yeah well it doesn't really bother me anyway - on a used bag u have to expect *some* wear. After all a handbag is to be used. But for a used bag he's in immaculate condition. I'm so excited =)
  14. definitely! So in other words it has to be an auth or LV will not repair (i found out the hard way with misleading superfake :crybaby:), I :heart: the two pink LV on the side of Speedy, reminds of pretty blush! :yes:
  15. Well he's DEFINITELY authentic. I had mypoupette authenticate him and I took him down to LV this morning to authenticate. All good! I agree, I love the fushia, I always wanted a speedy with alot of pinks and blue on the front because I love those colours.

    Sorry to hear u were scammed. Did u buy on eBay from an approved LV re-seller???