My New MC Petite Noe and Koala!

  1. My new Louis bag and wallet!! Aren't they purdy?! I think I'm in love!! :love:
  2. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  3. I:love: THOSE!!!!! GREAT BUY!!!
  4. Nice, love the wallet!
  5. they're the perfect pair........woud love to see how the MC noe looks on.......gorgeous......
  6. Congratulations! I'm a huge fan of the Koala; I have the monogram and the button nose s-lock is so cute!

    Like jc, I would also love to see how the MC noe looks on you!
  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Very nice! Gorgeous purchases!
    Is that a pocket in front of the MC noe?
  8. Congratulations!!! They are beautiful:love: :love: :love: Use them well.
  9. Beautiful!!!
  10. A georgeous set. Enjoy!
  11. Love it, especially the MC koala ! They're stunning together !
  12. TOO CUTE!! I love anything LV MC, and I love the Noe shape... so a perfect marriage of style and beauty. You have great taste!!
  13. You will LOVE that Koala!! I have it in white and I adore it so much.
  14. GORGEOUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Another great buy!! Congrats.