my new mbmj sunnies... and a bag question

  1. I got a pair of mbmj sunglasses at off Saks 5th this weekend. they are super cute i love them.


    sorry for the uncute/undone me... but the sunnies are cute!!!


    So i was thinking of getting the owl tote bag. It super cute i don't know know what color i should get it comes in white, black, and poppy. I am torn between this and a LAMB bag...
    what do you girls think
  2. Oh my the owl tote is adorableeeeeee! :girlsigh: I would get it in poppy because I love that color! :p Where did you find the owl tote, btw? :smile:
  3. oo i love that owl tote. i saw it at the mbmj boutique too! its adorable!
  4. At Nordstrom. It was upstairs. I kind of want the poppy too. but i don't know if that will go with my wardrobe.
  5. that owl tote is adorable! i'd say black or poppy. black matches everything, but honestly, black totes are sooo common :sad:

    Between a LAMB bag & this tote, i'd say it depends which LAMB bag you're considering.

    a lot of the mbmj sunnies are so cute but the big oversized look just does NOT look good with my face :sad: I saw a pair of MJ ones with cute pushlocks on the side for just $50 today, but alas, it looked like absolute cr*p on my face :sad:
  6. I think the owl tote is really cute. And I have to vote for getting it in poppy. That color is so hot. It would add a great "wow" factor to any outfit.
  7. That tote is sooo cute! Congrats on the sunglasses.
  8. I love the owl tote, sooooo cute!
  9. Your sunglasses look adorable on you :tup: The tote is veryy pretty, i would go for a black as white is too high maintanence and poppy is bit too orange imo. The one thing that concerns me are the straps..i dont think u could stuff more in this bag, straps look fragile..just think about that.
  10. I like both!!!
  11. OMG owl tote in poppy hands-fricken-down! where can i buy one????!!! and are they all leather? so CUTE!
  12. ^^yes all leather
  13. Any idea how much does it cost and if any online retailer has it? Would love to see the bag in other colors, namely Poppy! :p
  14. I don't know if there are any online retalers. they run about 280 i wanna say. maybe 260 i don't quite remember.

    the Lamb bag i am thinking about getting is the rasta caryles tote. the one that is a clutch or a tote thing.
  15. OMG i just realized your in ventura too. holy SH*T! another MJ lover within my city! crazy cool!!!

    from personal experience, i love the LAMB bags, but they do have quality issues...the coated canvas does scratch and the undercolor will show through, just to let you know. i think the Mj is better for the $$

    (im still on cloud nine there's another Ventura MJ lover!)