My new MBMJ Sharpei in Carbon Blue!


Marc Jacobs Fangirl
Dec 17, 2006
Providence, RI
It just came today from the Saks sale this past Monday! And if any of you ladies fall in love with it, Saks still has it listed online and still on sale!

I have to say, this Carbon Blue is nothing like the "normal" Carbon that I have seen other bags in. This color is VERY close to the stock photo on the Saks website. It is a dark teal-ish color and very gorgeous! I was super surprised when I opened the box, because I just expected it to be the regular Carbon color, and just assumed that the stock photo on the site was way off. As a lot of website stock photos are. It was a GREAT surprise to see this lovely color, just as I had hoped it would be!

I am so in love with this bag. The leather is SO freaking soft, and there is just enough, but not too much studding. Which gives it a nice, sexy look. I love, love, love the huge pocket in the front, and right down to the cute gathers along the bottom of the sides of the bag. Hot! :heart:



Mar 16, 2007
Thanks so much for posting and congrats on your great buy! I've always loved the Sharpei and I'm surprised to see this shade of blue too! I've seen the Teri in Carbon Blue and it looks nothing like it!

I like this blue, but I have so many blue bags already! It looks like it can fit alot and the straps look comfortable enough to be used as a shoulder bag!

Would you be able to post a modelling photo? I remember trying on the Violet before and thought it was huge and I hope this is a bit smaller than that! I'm so tempted to get one now..... I think I need to stay away from this forum for a while! Haha