my new mbmj bag!!

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  1. my mother bought this for me as a present for "going back to school". i think she's saying that to justify buying me something so nice that i've had my eye on since last year.

    thanks mommy :]

    here she is, my new mbmj dr q groovee satchel in black:
  2. Yeah, Mom! That's an awesome gift! You'll be going back to school in style! Enjoy:tup:
  3. how sweet of your mom! enjoy your pretty new bag.
  4. enjoy the new bag. you're mommy is so sweeeet :smile:
  5. Awesome bag. I wish my Mom surprised me with random MJ! The Groovee is definitely one of my fav. MBMJ bags. You scored big time!
  6. Love it! Your mom is awesome!
  7. Aww, that is so sweet! I love that bag, I really want it, and this post is making me want to get it more.
  8. Now that's a good mom! Great bag!
  9. Congrats! Have a great school year!!!
  10. awesome, i wish someone did that since i JUST had by birthday lol
    oh well...
  11. what a sweet mommy! and a great school bag too!
  12. Beautiful! Good luck with the studies.
  13. Congrats! Please ask your mom if she cares to adopt a full grown woman!
  14. Your mom rocks!
  15. Aren't moms just the best? Great bag!