My new Mayra wedges!

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  1. Yayy, I found a pair of Mayra wedges at the boutique in Boston, and I'm in love :heart::yahoo:

    I almost bought a pair on eBay but managed to find a pair when I thought most of them had sold out.

    I'm so excited. Here they are.

  2. cute !
  3. Those are really pretty :yes:, are they heavy?
  4. P.S. :supacool:What kind of V Dub do you drive?? I just got a 2007 GTI / White
    I Love it!!:heart:
  5. Oh these are beautiful :tup:
  6. Pretty!!
  7. wow im jealous!! those are so gorgeous
  8. i don't see them =(
  9. ^^^

    Hmmm, perhaps it's a browser thing? :sad:

    They're suprisingly not too heavy considering that they're wood. But I wear alot of platforms so it could just be me :smile:

    They were part of the Coach shoe sale, some might still be avail. if you call around. The Boston store still have some in the saddle and in the bronze color.

    Foxy, I drive a 2003 Platinum Grey Beetle, and we also have a 2006 New Jetta :smile:
  10. Oh my gosh they're beautiful! I love them!
  11. They are really beautiful! Enjoy!
  12. Gorgeous girl!

    I love them!:yes:
  13. Gorgeous......Macy's here had the bronze ones on clearance in my size.....I'm just praying that they go down some more (they're like $172....not really my idea of "clearance" from $248), but if they still have them this weekend I may have to break down and get them.
  14. they are uber cute!!
    glad you found them!!!
  15. Those are pretty!