MY New Matte Croc Kelly 20!!


Aug 3, 2014
Your bag is stunning, congratulations!
I haven't been shopping that long at Hermes, but I can honestly say that if it were me, I would speak directly to the SA and explain your concern and frustration. You seem pleasant enough that I don't think you would be causing a scene, but sticking up for yourself. If you don't want to speak to the SA, then the store manager should be made aware. I think you are still very 'deserving' of a bag of your dreams from Madison after the purchase of 6 chairs.

With that said, your bag is gorgeous and I hope you enjoy it in good health!!


May 12, 2013
You guys, it's finally here! My dream bag - Matte Croc Kelly 20 in Noir and Gold hardware!

It's been a journey to get this bag. If you're not interested in listening to me complaining, please go straight to the bottom of this post for some pictures. :smile:

I have been shopping at the Hermes Madison Avenue boutique in NYC for about 3 years so far. My sales associate has been very helpful and scored me a few Birkin and Kellys in larger sizes(35, 40s). Since fall 2018, I showed my sales a lot of interests in a Noir mini Kelly, preferably matte croc. This is where the game started. Maybe I have been overthinking it, but I kind of feel like I have been tricked into buying a lot of other Hermes small leather goods, homeware, even furniture by my sales. Last Christmas, she suggested that it has been really bad shipments at the Madison store because a lot of new stores are opening up and they are really low on stock because it's the end of the year. She also said that it is very hard for her to get a bag because they have so many sales associates at the store, when the shipment is bad, she doesn't really have a voice when it comes to which client gets bags. Therefore, she suggested that I purchase some furniture since I am looking for not only a croc bag, but also a croc noir mini kelly!

I was doing some renovation at the time and looking for some dining chairs so I ordered 6 chairs from her. As you know, I expected to receive my mini kelly soon. A couple of months pass by, it's been radio silence from my sales so I decided to pay her a visit when I was shopping on Madison Ave. First thing I can see when I walked into the store is that people are getting offered bags left and right. At the time, I was thinking in my head, 'oh, maybe today is my lucky day!'. I went to my sales associate and we had a very nice conversation. When I asked her if she has any good news for me, her exact words are, 'WE HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY BAGS', when people are literally opening their birkins and kellys right in front of me! This is where I felt things are fishy. However, I went home and decided to wait for the lucky call from her.

3 days after my last visit, a close friend of mine called me and guess what?! Yes, she was just offered a black mini kelly AT THE MADISON STORE! This is it for me. I understand and respect the system Hermes has at their boutique, but it is just ridiculous to me that people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and all I received was radio silence from my sales associate. I am not trying to badger the Madison Avenue boutique but this experience really made me upset and disappointment about Hermes as a brand.

I met with a few of my girlfriends and told them about this situation and that is where I got words about this luxury concierge service that one of my friends has been using (I will not mention their name because I am not affiliated with them). Long story short, I finally received my dream bag 3 weeks after speaking to them! And guess where this bag is from? Madison Avenue. And no, my sales never called me about it.

Do any of you shop at Hermes Madison Ave? What's your experience like? Enough of negative energy, here's some pictures of my brand new Kelly 20 (please ignore the behapi. I like to wear it cross body so I put the bracelet on to extend the length)! Happy Monday :biggrin:

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WOW! GORGEOUS! Congrats!! Sorry about your SA doing this to you:hugs::hugs:
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Oct 25, 2012
Huge congrats to you on this beauty! So sorry that it took going the personal shopper/resale route.

I would suggest a discussion with your Madison store manager, especially if you intend to add to your bag collection. You can always take your business to another H boutique.
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Aug 19, 2017
Oh dear!!!! You ordered 6 chairs from Hermes and didn't get offered your dream mini K? This is very shocking! Madison and BHills get SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much stock dear. Maybe she is very low on the totem pole at Madison as she explained to you (which I doubt since u have been working with her for over 3 yrs) but I would not be happy with this service. Buying H furniture should absolutely get you a croc mini K.... I mean in ANY color. Sounds ridiculous and I hate games like she is playing. I'm sorry she is doing this to such a good customer! Do you speak with the SM of leather goods?

Anyway... Congrats on getting your dream mini K!!! She is exquisite & worth the wait!
If in ordered 6 chairs from Hermes - I’d be asking for all sorts but maybe I’m just an entitled creature. Lol. Bless my SA and her tolerating my neediness
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Luv n bags

Jun 4, 2008
I just read your story. Sounds like you spent a lot to get a bag that cost a lot!
I would speak to the manager of the store and explain what you wrote, how much you spent to be privileged enough to spend a ton on a bag. A bit of sarcasm here!
Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t let people with such little control make decisions for me. I like the person in control to work with me. Especially when I am dropping that much money!
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