my new mastic GGH part time! <<pics!>>

  1. ive always been curious about the part time. especially since i found the city to be too small for an everyday bag. the part time is so versitile! it can be worn on your arm, shoulder, or messenger style! i love that the handles are longer for shoulder use. bill from bal NY was so nice to take pics for me before purchasing so i knew what to expect. and he picked out the softest leather for a neutral color bag. i thought the GGH would be too loud, but it looks ultra rich on the mastic color. enjoy the pics! i also posted my new black first. plus im on the waiting list for a black step! :nuts:what a month! thanks!
    rosie :yahoo:
    bal mastic pt 045.JPG 002.JPG 004.JPG 001.JPG
  2. LOVE IT! I've seen the Mastic GGH PT IRL and it's amazing!
  3. Congrats! I absolutely LOVE the part time style, and the mastic/GGH combo looks amazing. Enjoy!
  4. Hmmm...sounds like you got a new SA at BalNY ... he sounds phenomenal, too! Congrats! I'm like you...the City is too small for me. The Part Time is the perfect size, imho.
  5. I :heart: IT!!! I adore the PT's so much fun to carry. Congrats on your gorgeous new bag!!!!:wlae::wlae::wlae:
  6. I love it with GGH- sooo classy!!!! Congrat.'s on your 2 new bags and 1 more coming- what an awesome month you are having!!!!! Post pictures of the step when you get it. I love this new style!!!!!
  7. congrats on the stunning PT!! i :heart: that you can carry the PT as a messenger style. can't wait to see your black step!!
  8. I just adore this combo!! I dont usually like gh but with the mastic it is just TDF!
  9. Wow..a nice bag indeed you've got. congratulations. Nice combo
  10. Congrats!! Beautiful bag!
  11. Woohoo, another gorgeous bag..Congrats :yahoo::nuts:
  12. awesome bag!!! congrats!
  13. Wow. love it with the GGH! And the First is gorgeous too!
  14. I love the part time with GH...and your mastic is beautiful!
  15. This bag is just GORGEOUS!!

    its not my must get list!