My New Maroon Venetia

  1. After what seemed like forever, I have finally received my maroon Venetia. :yahoo: The color is amazing! The photos really don't do it justice. For fun I also included a group picture which showcases my addiction. :sos: Enjoy!
    IMG_1888_copy.jpg IMG_1895_copy.jpg IMG_1880_copy.jpg
  2. *Picking jaw off the ground* Wowsers!! That Venetia is GORGEOUS!! Congrats!!

    Melly, it looks like you've done a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Lucky girl, you've got a wonderful and diverse collection. Lovely!! :drool: :okay:
  3. melly, now I love your collection, the variety and colors are impressive. great job
  4. wow....nice bags, congrats. You have a great collection!
  5. :woohoo: That Venetia is VERY pretty!! I love your collection!
  6. :nuts:OMG your collection!!! I'm drolling over here... so beautiful!!
  7. Thanks Thithi, Aggie, Ashleekieu, LadyRacerTRD, and Lelzkewl! :smile:
  8. That's a beautiful color and what an awesome, awesome collection you have!
  9. Ahhh so beautiful, perfect color for fall. I love your Selmas. I've been seeing them on eBay and have been tempted, seeing yours has made me want one even more!! I have to show my hubby your collection so he won't be so mad about my recent MJ purchases. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Wow! What a beautiful color! Your collection is TDF. :drool:
  11. OMG! I thought for a moment I was in an MJ boutique. LOL. Fantastic collection. I am in awe! I wish I had that many MJs!:smile:
  12. Melly ---

    I love your new Venetia...and your collection. You have great taste!!! :tup:
  13. Wow! What an impressive collection. And your maroon venetia is gorgeous!
  14. What a great addition to your already great collection! That maroon will look stunning with the fall colors!
  15. Beautiful new Venetia, and your collection is WOW! Thanks for sharing pics, what a great diversity of colors!:love: