My New Maroon MP!!

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  1. Hi All - just wanted to show off my new beauty - the small Maroon Multipocket!:love: I love the saturated color of this bag and its cute shape. There is also a great story behind the purchase... I was looking at this bag used on ebay for a BIN price of $436 but was going back and forth b/c of the size. (I posted about it a couple of days ago - asking what the small was like b/c i had been leaning toward the large). So the day before Thanksgiving I showed my purse-loving friend the ebay bag. She loved it & told me I should get it - which put me that much closer to hitting that BIN button. But I got busy at work and didn't do it. Then a couple of hours later my cell rang. It was my bag buddy super excited b/c she had gone to Off 5th on her lunch hour and seen a sm Maroon MP for $499 AND had a 35% off coupon/instore savings combo. So she snapped it up for me and I got the same bag as the one I wanted on ebay but brand new and for less $$! :yahoo: :yahoo: It came out to about $350 :wlae: I am soooo happy with it and took some pics to show the gorgeous color and to illustrate how the small MP looks on a taller person... I also love that this still leaves me open to find the perfect large MP!:P

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  2. great find ctm19!! Congrats on your new baby, she's beautiful and I love the color!
  3. :drool: OMG OMG OMG....Please put me in your will!!! :heart: Emmy
  4. I looveee this color! Last night at saks i saw the little stam in this color and it was soooo perfect :drool:
  5. Awesome find!! I'm so happy for you! It looks amazing on you...congrats!!:yahoo:
  6. great find! i love the colour! :smile: congrats
  7. That's a beautiful color! It looks great on you :nuts: .
  8. Awww thanks you guys! I love this bag so much already. I took it to the opera last night (my mom's christmas present) and then carried it today while I was just bumming around running errands. It was so great for both! I think that's what I love most about MJ - no matter where you are his bags just seem to work...
  9. Ctm19 - congrats on your maroon MP, you got a super deal. =)
    I have a Venetia in Maroon, I really like the color.

    I remember you asking about the 2 sizes & whether they are able to hold all your neccessities. Can this MP hold everything you want it to hold? -)
  10. Thanks, bag.lover! I think I have seen pics of your maroon Venetia in the reference threads. Isn't the color beautiful? It's very hard to capture on film. Yes, the small MP holds all of my essentials and is quite roomy due to it's square shape, but it's definitely a true handbag - not one I would carry to work or for travel. I still have my eye out for the perfect large MP too! ;)
  11. LOve this color!! WOW!!!!!!!!
  12. YAY! Glad you found this fabulous bag! I love this color. What a great deal. Congratulations! I'm sure you'll get plenty of use out of it....
  13. That color is absolutely beautiful! What a great story and wonderful friend to purchase it for you! Congratulations, it looks great on.
  14.'re so lucky! Do they have the large MP in the same color too? ;) i wantttt!!! Hehe....

    Enjoy your new bag!
  15. Very nice. I have two MP's and love them. :heart: