My new Marley Shelton haircut...sort of

  1. Well, for those of you who voted in my haircut poll, I got it chopped off this morning.. It's a bit shorter than Marley's (especially in the bangs) but I think it turned out really well. I love it! Once it grows another 1/2-1 inch, it'll look more like hers but I kinda like it spikey~ :p I'm soooo happy to have my short hair back!

  2. You look really cute. I think it suits your face well.
  3. Great choice. The cut looks great!
  4. Wowzer! That looks *so* cute on you!!
  5. I like!!! It looks so chic on you!
  6. Hehhe. That's great!! I sorta have a similar hairstyle!! But I'm a bloke, asian and have got jet black hair...and mine's less puffed up.
  7. Congrats :biggrin: you look stunning!!
  8. woow! it looks great on you!
  9. You totally pull it off, you look great.
  10. Thanks everyone, you're too kind:shame: but I wanted to say that for anyone on the fence about going short, I say go for it! It's so liberating:nuts: I'm feelin good & think I'll buy a bag to celebrate (like I need an excuse to buy a bag, LOL)

    I didn't expect my stylist to cut it EXACTLY like the Marly pic but it's close enough to what I was wanting..
  11. You really stand out in that haircut-it is fabulous on you.
  12. it's fantastic!
  13. You look fantastic! I didnt vote in your poll, but I think your hair, ( cut and color) look very much like Marley! Beautiful!
  14. It looks great! I like it far better than hers.
  15. You're so pretty and the style just shows off your beautiful features so perfectly!!! Really great look!