My new Marcie

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  1. #1 Oct 1, 2012
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    I want to share with you all my first Chloe, it's a medium/small Marcie in Maple leaf. I've got it on a deal for $815 from Reebonz incuding free delivery. The handles are hard as rock and I can't wait for them to break in...:smile: pls excuse the photo quality, it was taken using my phone.
  2. so pretty! im on the look out for my first chloe...may i ask how did you get such a nice deal on reebonz?
  3. Hello
    Ur Marcie is amazing....I have an important u trust reebonz website??? I wanted to purchase a fend and Chloe bag from them but I was afraid and hesitated many times ...r they 100% authentic......what can assure that they are not fake...
  4. gorgeous! congrats! super great price! it will break in beautifully, i use my marcie every day & it is so soft!
  5. I guessed lady luck was with me? initially I wanted to purchase Miu Miu bow bag but I was kind off concern on the leather quality. Decided to wait for the next day for the Chloe's event and there she was...$815 after 6% off and $64 credits that I've won.
  6. Thanks beachgirl, yes can't wait for the handles to break in. The handles are pretty big, the 'fattest' handles among all the bags I've owned. Other than that the body was soft and the leather's smell is so yummy...:P
  7. Hi Dalz,

    There is no designer boutiques in the city that I lived in, so I have to depend on friends to purchase from oversea, private resellers, online sellers. My first purchase with them was a medium Coach wristlet, I've own some Coach bags and wristlet so I am pretty sure the wristlet that I'd purchase was authentic (hardware and logo/monogram are in good proportion, leather is soft). 2nd purchase was YSL Belle Du Jour clutch and it has fantastic leather and quality, everything seems good so far.

    But some of the products are sourced from China, like Burberry and Prada and if there is no "Made in xxx" in the description, then it is likely from China or some other parts of the world. I do intensive research on the bags that I want to purchase, like the colors, the size, SKU, how to tell a fake from authentic, etc. Purse Forum is where I got much of the info.

    I've heard some nasty comments regarding customer service, courier service, bag qualities and etc, but good ones as well. It's pretty much a grey area...

  8. yours looks authentic - if you are worried about authenticity you can have it checked in this forum!
  9. Thanks beachgirl, I will post up some photos in the authentication thread.
  10. What a great bag at such a great price!
  11. stunning love it!!
  12. congrats on your beautiful bag & for getting an amazing deal! i'm so envious!
  13. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. Wow what a great deal! Congrats!
  15. thanks