My new Marc Jacobs

  1. Modeled by mini me :p

  2. How cute! Your bag and your daughter are adorable!!
  3. Cute! I love the blue and brown color combo, was thinking about getting something like that for myself. Your daughter seems to appreciate it too!
    I think you got her hooked on MJ!
  5. How cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

    That's right... start 'em out young!
  6. Very cute! Congrats!
  7. So cute! she's got great taste!
  8. The bag is so cute! And can mini me have any more attitude carrying that bag? LOVE it!
  9. thanks everyone! she loves purses already :love: momy's so proud :lol:
    I recently gave her an old Nine West purse I had its small so its perfect for her, when she carries it she looks so adorable :heart:
  10. I think you could put mini-me *in* that bag...LOL.
  11. adorable!!!
  12. Totally cute!!
  13. That is so cute!!!! ;)
  14. too cute! My little girl is 2 and she already loves bags (and shoes!!)
  15. How cute is this. Cute pic, great bag and a sweet baby.