My new Marc Jacobs raspberry Stella!!

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  1. GREAT color!!! :love: Congrats Candice! I can't wait for you to get her!
  2. Thanks Luv
    I just got it in the mail today and it's even nicer without all the stuffing, and the colours more saturated. I can't wait to get pictures up so I can show everyone!! :yahoo:
  3. Wow, that's going to be a great color for spring! I :heart: the Stella. Please post pics when you receive it. So glad you found what you wanted!
  4. Wow, beautiful!
  5. Gorgeous! Congratulations!
  6. So pretty! I love Stellas. Enjoy!!
  7. wow - congrats! I have that exact same bag. I just took it out in fact, thinking about taking it to the resale shop -- I need to downsize a little and I still have my Faded Brick Stella -- with all the new bags I've bought, I haven't used my Stellas forever, which is why I think I must part with one -- but they're a great classic and I think every MJ fan needs at least one!! (I had four at one time!!)

    congrats again and let's see some of your pics!
  8. Beautiful!! I love the muted silver on this... it's so unique for MJ!
  9. i love that color!
  10. i didn't even see the finish on the hardware before you pointed it out. i like it! i think i prefer it to the polished silver hw.

    congrats, candince. great color. mmm, raspberry. looks yummy!
  11. I love the color!!! Congrats!

  12. I think they called it "Brushed Silver Hardware" it's nice because fingerprints and smudges don't show up so much. Sometimes it can look a little dull, but if you "polish" it, it brightens right back up.
  13. What a pretty Stella. That color is amazing. Congrats!!!
  14. Love it!! Congrats!!