My new Marc jacobs...julianne!!

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  1. I just got my first MJ from Bergdorfs yesterday...i knew that i wanted a bag that could be comfy on my shoulder and can be hand carried also...Julianne is perfect!! so much room inside and the four outside pockets are awesome.

    Here are some pics! enjoy:smile:

    :heart: christine
    julianne mj.jpg julianne 4.jpg julianne 3.jpg
  2. I love white bags! Congrats!! :smile:
  3. Wooo it's GORGEOUS!! congrats!!

    i saw this online and it caught my eye too!
  4. I really like this style. And it's so gorgeous in white with the gold hardware. Congrats!!
  5. Sweet! Lovely :love:
  6. Lovely!!! I've been admiring this bag for a long a modeling pic!!?? Congrats!!
  7. Congrats! It's pretty!
  8. Stunning! I love the creamy whites, so elegant for both summer and winter! Congrats!!

    I'm with Emmy...modeling pics, please??
  9. Soooo elegant! Congratulations!
  10. I love this style. I am after a white bag too.
  11. congrats!!!!! I love Julianne, so happy for you!
  12. It's a very cute bag. Congrats!!:love:
  13. Very nice style and color, congrats & enjoy Christine. =)
  14. ooh i LOVE that bag!
  15. i haven't seen this! thanks for sharing!