my new marc jacobs bag!! pix inside :)

  1. so i didn't want to talk to much about it and jinx myself- but after searching for a mayfair for a while now, i came accross a teal one at Barneys on sale for $359 yesterday!!!!! i ordered it quick and had them overnight it to me. :yahoo::yahoo:

    well- today i get a call that the package had been delivered and i'm like, "um no. i havent gotten anything yet today." it turns out they delivered it to my home address rather than my work (as i requested) long story short- the fed ex guy left it with no signature and outside on the steps of my apartment in brooklyn. i was ready to cry :wtf: i jump in a cab , go to my apartment, look on the stoop.... nothing! i gasp, run up the four flights to my door and there is the box, safe and sound!! a neighbor decided to bring it up for me.

    so, i open the box and i have to say the teal mayfair is one of the cutest mj bags i have ever owned. it's a great shape and size. the style is so versitle and the color is seriously to die for.:heart: i'm in love.:heart:

    :wlae:so, without further ado, ta daaaaa, my new teal mayfair!:wlae:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]
  6. it's a little lighter than my photos- but no where near as light as the online photos show it- and i am so pleased that is the case. the soft box bag came in a color similar to this a few years ago and i was always kicking myself that i missed out on it.
  7. That is an adorable bag! I love it! Great price too, looks fantastic on you
  8. Your bag is perfect. I am so glad that everything worked out. You got a great deal also!
  9. Really nice bag!
  10. omg jess i absolutely love it! that is a great color. now im jealous that i missed out :sad: it looks great on you and i LOVE the little diamond you've got tattooed on your knuckle btw.
  11. OMG!!! It's beautiful!!! Congrats!! OMG I LOVE ITTTTTTTT
  12. thanks guys! i really think this is my favorite bag so far. and jackie, you have some seriously good eye sight- haha thanks. it's bigger than i though too jackie- definately could be a smaller sized day bag- i'm sorry i got the last one, i really thought he said he had two? :flowers:i wrote an email to all the Barneys ( i know i'm going crazy) asking about the missing grey- they said they would keep me updated on returns, so i'll let you know if i hear from them.
  13. What a great bag!! It looks beautiful on you! Congrats!
  14. thanks jess! enjoy your new bag. im sure ill see it on sunday :flowers:
  15. beautiful! teal is such a great color. i love the mix quilted line. i hope you plan on wearing it this weekend. :graucho: