My new Marc by MJ

  1. I got this beautiful blue MJ bag today thanks to pursegalsf who can spot a cute bag a mile away.:shocked: We were enjoying the sunny day on Fillmore st in San Francisco and happened to be walking by the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store. We both fell in love with the color of this bag but she let me have it since she is such a good friend. :flowers: :yahoo:
    marcjacobs2.jpg marcjacobs3.jpg
  2. KylieReese: Congrats! Nice bag. =)
  3. thanks bag.lover:shame:
  4. Love The Color Very Pretty.
  5. looks so nice on you~ great color too...
  6. Thanks, I really like the shade of blue, and the price was not bad either.
  7. The picture doesn't do it justice. The color is so beautiful IRL :love: This is by far the prettiest blue I've seen. Congrats Kyliereese. It looks great on you :greengrin: :rochard:
  8. Great bag! I love the blue with gold hardware~ enjoy!!
  9. :rochard: hahahh yeah dude, rock hard with the mohawk..:roflmfao: , literally
  10. cute!
  11. love the bag, especially since it is blue..
  12. love the colour! it looks great on you too
  13. yay! congrats!! the bag is absolutely gorgeous, the color looks stunning and I'll take Eileen's words that it's even more prettier in person. Oh btw, what does the interior look like? I :love: the interior of Marc by MJ bags.

    btw, those Paiges look great on you :amuse:
  14. I love that bag and prob would have gotten it, but I really just have toooooo many blue bags.. It looks great! How's the leather?
  15. thanks Jen, wow you got a keen eye, I would of never known those were paige jeans if I didn't see the back. The inside is lined with beautiful white flowers on red. I'll post a pic from elux.