My new Marc by MJ coat arrived!

  1. And it fits perfectly!


    Here's the coat with my new Marc Jacobs Alfred bag. There's more pictures in the Marc Jacobs forum if you're interested.

  2. FAB!!!! Love everything on you, you look gorgeous. Congrats!!!! =)
  3. simply gorgeous!
  4. The bag + coat are gorgeous together!
  5. Gorgeous! Oh to be that tiny! I'd be in debt if I were!
  6. Love it !
  7. I love it! Looks great on ya.
  8. ^^^ It does!
  9. gorgeous! it looks great on you.
  10. It's fabulous! I love how it flares out a bit at the bottom!
  11. love the whole outfit.Great bag too.
  12. really gorgeous!!i'm loving the bag too:biggrin::love:
  13. you look fab!
  14. super cute! I love the patent boots with the coat also! fabulous!

    like your hair color too! I'm thinking of going a similar color, right now mine is mostly brunette with a bright magenta highlight, but it's a little too pink for me. I think a more purple tone would be better suited...
  15. Great coat! It looks fantastic on you!