My new Marc by Marc Jacobs bag!!!! purple cute

  1. This is my newest bag!!! i actually got 2 of these the one in the picture is the one i am using and the other one is new with tags on it $228. I LOVE THIS BAG i wear it all the time!!! the markings on it are super cute! i am going to list it on eBay soon for 140 i saw one go for 155 just the other day.. The interior kills me its adorable!!! but yeah i have two of this bag...
    mj bag 11.JPG mj bag 12.JPG mj bag 2.JPG mj bag.JPG
  2. item number 300085844559 on eBay already ended and the bag went for 154 you can see detailed photos of the bag and the zipper how cute the one i am selling is exactly like that with the tags
  3. is this the one that was the free gift from Saks?

    very cute!
  4. yeah, I think this is the one from Saks, free gift for purchase over $300. :yes: it is cute!
  5. Cute bag
  6. It's really cute! And it's nice to see it modeled. I wish I could afford to snag one.
  7. darn!! too bad I forgot about that :push:
  8. That is so cute! If I had known how cute that bag was, I would have definitely found some marc stuff to buy at saks.
  9. very cute!!
  10. Really cute bag! Congratulations. Great for the spring
  11. thanks i have one for sale but i think someone wants it..
  12. It's lovely! I love the colors. Congrats!
  13. I had no idea the free bag was so cute! I would have bought some stuff then.:wtf: