My new Manolo's!

  1. I usually don't post my shoe shopping, because I buy way too much. But I just HAD to share these!!

    These are the 100th Anniversary Neimans -- by Manolo's :smile:


  2. Those are so hot!!!
  3. They're gorgeous!

    But don't stand under a spot light. You could blind someone ;)

  4. Ummmm LOL :wlae:

    What if that is the whole purpose, yeah??? :angel:
  5. Wow, those are stunning!
  6. I LOVE THOSE!!! so beautiful!! :love:
  7. Oh WOW. Just spectacular.:drool:
  8. Stunning congrats!
  9. Fab!!
  10. wow!!
  11. They are TDF. Enjoy!
  12. gorgeous!
  13. I LOVE them!!!!
  14. Oh Wow!!!love Them!!!
  15. Gorgeous! We want modeling pics also!