My New Manolo Blahnik Rhinestone Sandals!

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  1. I just got these beauties today in the mail from Neiman Marcus and they are some of the most beautiful shoes I have ever pictures don't do them any feels like i have diamonds sparkling at my feet! :yahoo:


  2. gorgeous shoes, one q though are your pinky toes suppose to hang out like that? :smile:
  3. Was wondering the same thing.. They are definitely gorgeous though.. just seem about a half size-a size too small? Hopefully i don't sound like a b**** :sweatdrop: :heart:
  4. very nice !!! lovely!
  5. Wow! Lovely!
  6. Beautiful! Do you mind if I ask if they are fairly comfortable? I've looked at that shoe several times and it just seems like that straps would dig in.
  7. They are gorgeous...I think I would go up a half size as well...but they are amazing!

  8. I think everyone was thinking that. They are very cute shoes though!:yes:
  9. very nice!
  10. They're gorgeous!! Are they too small though? Toes shouldn't be poking out over the shoe. I'd go up 1/2 size (or maybe even a whole)!
  11. Actually they are a 1/2 size too small, they shipped the wrong size, I didnt realize it until I tried them on and then looked at the bottom of the shoe and saw that they were a size 38...I wear a 38.5 but ordered a 39 but I see that I could go with my usual size of 38.5.....oh believe me I am returning them for the correct size....They are in a size 39 box, but the actual shoes are a 38...someone should of checked the shoes instead of just assuming that they were a 39 because of what it said on the outside of the box....

    Hope I cleared up why my pinky toe was hanging out of them....they are so beautiful I had to get pictures of them and I think I could get away with wearing them but I know eventually they will end up being uncomfortable so I am returning them for an 38.5 because I know a 39 would actually be too big (which is what I did originally order).
  12. They are lovely! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. LOVE them :heart:
  14. i have the camo sedarabys too and i love them!! congrats on the footwear.
  15. WOW they are incredible shoes!!!!