My new makeup purchases!!!

  1. So, two or three days ago while I was on vacation, I found a makeup store, and I was able to buy a little bit of makeup. Here's my small loot:
    MAC lipglass in Negligee
    MAC liglass in Poetique
    MAC lipglass in Petit Four
    MAC lipstick in Smile
    MAC lipstick in Sashimi Mimi
    MAC eyeshadow in Beauty Sleep
    MAC Zoomlash mascara in Wildly Flirtatious
    Estee Lauder nail polish in Chameleon Prism
    Bobbi Brown lip gloss in Rosy
    Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick Compact in Gold

    There's a link with the picture, with the makeup. (Sorry if I get it wrong, I'm not really experienced with putting up pictures on tpf.)
  2. Good for you!!!!!!
    Are these your summer palette? Or will these transitition to fall?
  3. Congrats! :tup: You got a lot of hard to find stuff! I love MAC Smile lipstick.
  4. Woohoo! I love MAC!!
  5. woo hoo! excellent MAC choices! u will LOVE That BB gold shimmerbrick! it's awesome!
  6. I love MAC! :tup:
  7. you are gonna love your BB gold brick... I adore mine
  8. Ooooo..Nice! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I love shopping for makeup! :yes: Enjoy your new goodies!
  9. Thanks. My two favorites are Mac lipstick in Smile, and my other favorite that I adore is Bobbi Brown Shimmerbrick.
  10. Fun!! Great buys!
  11. yay i love makeup what a great loot