My New Make-up Clutch Pics!!!

  1. My parents bought my the make-up clutch in blue india for the holidays!!! I love it, its so cute and the color is sooo beautiful!!!! I am so excited, I love all the balenciaga accesories, they are so cute!!!! :yahoo: :wlae: :heart: :heart:
    blue india1.JPG blue india2.JPG blue india3.JPG
  2. Really cute. Congrats!
  3. I :heart: the makeup clutch in Blue India! congratulations :smile:
  4. have some nice parents!!
  5. Ooh, so nice! I'm sure you'll enjoy this for a long time, congrats! The makeup is lovely in this light blue.
  6. Gorgeous!!! Blue India is gorgeous. That's one that I regret letting my Mom return and hers was so beautiful. The leather was thick and soft, the color was gorgeous, I should have bought that one from her. I still regret it.:crybaby:
  7. Love it! I have two of these, and can't get enough. They are so cute and yet practical. Love your Blue India!
  8. That's such a pretty color! Congrats!
  9. beautiful. i love bi. it's my favorite of the blues...
  10. Beautiful leather! Congrats.. :biggrin:
  11. oooh one of my faves, a BI..the makeup clutch looks awesome in it!! congrats!
  12. omg i love it.
  13. So pretty... I'd love one, especially in Blue India!
  14. Baglover, you're one lucky girl :yes: . It is beautiful. Can your parents adopt me? I promise to be good and one Bbag per season (any kind) would do, j/k :p
  15. PRETTTYYY!!!! :heart: clutches!
    it's so pretty that it deserved to appear big :wlae: