My new Mahina XL Gris

  1. Just got the new Mahina XL. :yahoo:
    DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0004.jpg DSC_0005.jpg
  2. very pretty! congrats!
  3. Oh, that bag is so fabulous.
    Congratulations on that beauty !!
  4. closer look
    DSC_0009.jpg DSC_0010.jpg DSC_0011.jpg
  5. holy wow! I could fit my son in there!!!! :nuts:

    congrats on a beautiful bag. Can you tell me though, do you think she'll get dirty easily???
  6. That look so nice. But I always find it difficult to keep the bag on my shoulder...the tube like strap rolls off all the time (I have slanted narrow shoulders). How do you keep it on?
  7. Very nice!! Its ginormous! Love big bags!
  8. wow, congrats! it's gorgeous!! :smile:
  9. gorgeus bag... i bet the leather feels great. Congrats!
  10. she's a little bit pale grey which makes her endurable to dirt.
  11. I would make a deal with the devil for this bag! I love it so much and it looks great on you!
  12. That bag is soooo beautiful! Looks fantastic on you! I saw it IRL and it was major drool time for me!!! Congratulations!
  13. You wear that bag so well! Congrats!
  14. Gorgeous bag...congrats!!
  15. looks great on u ! congrats !