My new magenta first...I think it's too small

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  1. Well, here I go again...I'm wanting to kick myself or just cry right now. I waited SO long to get a magenta & a new one at that. I get it out last night to carry it & my things won't fit! Well, I have to say they fit but everything is wedged in like a sardine can. What to do? I'm so bummed, I've never had a first before but snatched it up because, well, it was a MAGENTA but it's just a little smaller than what I like. Should I keep it, sell it, get rid of some stuff I carry, what to do? Help me with your wisdom!
  2. Ohhh that's so sad! I would say maybe minimize some of the things you
    carry when you use the first. I have a special smaller cosmetics bag
    for my first, a smaller brush etc. It seems to work much better, when
    I put my large size items in the first they are too squished for me as well. The first is so cute, especially in Magenta, I would definitely try
    and keep it.
  3. Oh, acegirl, I'm sorry about this...I know how much you wanted a magenta. How much stuff do you usually carry? If you tend to carry a lot of things everyday, then I think you should sell it and find one in a bigger style - either a city or twiggy. :smile:
  4. i guess its what you get used to. i tried to take my 04 blue city on the plane recently, and had to change to a work size bc i have been using my weekenders as day bags lately...i dont like my bags to look overstuffed . magenta is a great color, give it a chance as an evening only bag.:smile:
  5. Thanks girls..I do tend to carry alot because of my kids. Wait, that's it! I'll just get rid of the kids! No, just kidding..Love my boys:love: Anyway, I think it might be a good idea to try some smaller things like Chloe suggested. I know I can get "trial size" of alot of things I have. If that doesn't work, then yes, I will probably sell & continue the search:sad: Baaah!
  6. acegirl -- ugh! but still better than that twiggy.

    i would try and get rid of some stuff you carry or, as chassurewhore suggested, try it as a an evening bag. if neither works, then maybe you can sell it on the MP.
  7. I went through the SAME thing when I got my Mustard First. I realized that I really needed to pare down what I carry, and 'lo and behold, everything fit okay. Yeah, sometimes I *try* to put more stuff into it and it looks like a stuffed sausage, but most of the times I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I can fit into it! I'm planning on taking one of the First bags on holiday, so that I will FORCE myself to carry less (and therefore, won't have to take Ibuprofen every 4 hours to kill the pain in my shoulder!).

    I say KEEP it ...
  8. Yes, I could reserve it as an evening out bag (that would mean I would carry it once every 30 -60 days, I'm sad- we don't get out much! LOL)

    But you're right, good idea.. I'm feeling better about it now:biggrin:
  9. LOL on the kids! But, really, I think Magenta is beautiful esp in the First! Try minimizing what you carry and if it's still a tight fit, maybe only use it when you go out to parties, dinners, etc. It's such a pretty color to let go of!
  10. and the bag is a classic, when the boys get older, maybe you can use it once per week?:biggrin: as fas as i am concerned, bals bags are timeless. they do not go out of style and will get even cooler when the fake hype passes. and magenta is magenta.:heart:
  11. OK, I'll keep it.. It will be my "special bag". thanks all:flowers: You're right, I can't part with it so soon.
  12. so sorry acegirl.. but if it is not the bag that u want.. as well as the size u want, I say sell or return it back.. I have so many small bags, n I really like bigger bags so right now, they r sitting in my closet but I know I will use them later.... but definitely, if u r not gonna use it often, I say sell or return... however, if u think it has a sentimental value, then keep the bag as well..
  13. Happy to hear you are going to keep it. For me, the First is one of the bigger bags that I carry. I only take with me what I'm going to need for the day.
  14. goody, i'm so happy you're keeping it acegirl, you'll find a use for it :yes:
  15. I have the same with my cornflower first so I'm not taking all of my stuff when I carry her and I keep it as a special occasion bag. I'm glad that you keep it!! Congrats and I hope you'll love it!
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