My new MAB came with a guy's phone number in it!

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  1. His name is Vincent and he said to 'Call him'. There's a picture on the front of his card and he's quite attractive! LOL! I'm just kidding. I think he works for RM, of course. How odd though. I've never received such a curious looking business card in a handbag before. Man, I am so great at taking up room on the forum. Sorry! I was just very amused.

    Did your bags come with Vincent's number on the inside or am I special? :smile:

    See! Vincent is a hottie.
    Photo 149.jpg
  2. nahh all the bags come with it. I wish they picked a hotter looking guy though! lol

    What bag did you buy?

  3. Hi hon, it comes with all of her bags! It's not really his number.... LOL!
  4. Haha! I know. :smile: I still feel special though.
  5. oh duhhh I think I commented in that thread too! lol What a perfect bag. I'm envious! lol
  6. Err...who is Vincent? Pardon the ignorance of an RM newbie! I haven't received my first RM bag yet! [​IMG]
  7. Oh. The picture I posted above is of a Business Card that comes with all the bags apparently. On the back it is a hand-written looking message from Vincent telling you to call him. I think it's just their cute way of telling you their Customer Service number if you need anything. :smile: I don't really know who Vincent is!
  8. Vincent is cute, but I would go crazy if they put David Beckham's or Jason Lewis' number & pic on the cards.
  9. Yeah. I think my next RM should come with a picture of Johnny Depp or Hugh Laurie.. framed! If they put their numbers on the back of the photos I wouldn't mind either.
  10. Is "Vincent" the customer service number? That's what I assume.

    I work in marketing and the second I saw that I thought it was so creative.
  11. Vincent IS the CS number. It's brilliant for the MAB! Whoever thought that up (unless it was Rebecca herself) should get an extra bonus for it. Love it. The handwritten look to it with the picture is really creative.

    When I initially posted I thought that Vincent was someone who works at the company and I had accidentally spent the night with him, but I guess he's not real.. So sad!
  12. When I called Vincent before, there was a guy with a french accent!! is he no longer there?

    There was a whole thead about this earlier on... :biggrin:
  13. Haha, that is exactly what Rebecca was trying to achieve when she came up with the idea for the Vincent card! She said something about how she wanted every woman who purchased a Morning After Bag to feel that same rush of excitement of discovering a mysterious man's number in your bag the morning after--hence, THE MORNING AFTER BAG... Ingenious.
  14. I heard that the messages people leave are funny