my new M by MJ!!!

  1. i got my Lovely Aline Satchel today! i LOVE it......and for $260 i am amazed with myself!! i love the cute. and it is soo soft. i am in love. :yahoo:
    s7300348ym7.jpg s7300350kx4.jpg s7300351jo1.jpg
  2. She's beautiful...enjoy:tup:
  3. Such a cute bag! and what a great price!!! :tup:
  4. wow!!!! I LOVE this bag!!!! I recently got a MBM heidi and I looove her!! the color is awesome!!! congrats!!
  5. Beautiful! MBMJ are some great bags. Congrats, its a gorgeous color!
  6. oooo, beautiful bag!
  7. I love that bag! I have ever since I first saw it. It's really pretty- enjoy it!
  8. I like it very much. Good luck to you. It's beautiful.
  9. that is really cute, can i ask where you found it for such an amazing price.
  10. i got it off of Bergdorf Goodman's website on the day after christmas sales! (that i was made aware of thanks to the purse blog). I was especially relieved since I had to return an Anna Corinna that I did not end up loving...but I love this one so much :love:
  11. Congrats!! Lovely color and I love the lining!
  12. Congrats that is a lovely color!
  13. I'm so glad you found a bag you love, especially after the AC letdown! This one is super cute, I really like the color - such a versatile brown. And you can't beat that price either. Congrats!!
  14. I love it! I just got the Softy Lovely Aline in cream and have been carrying it all week. I cant stop looking at it!
  15. I am so jealous! I have been hunting down that bag for a while now. It's gorgeous!!