My new LVOES. Thanks everyone for your advice. ~Pix included~

  1. Hi everyone,

    I posted a thread some time back asking for advice as to whether I should buy the LE patchwork speedy that was made available to me.

    I went with my gut feel and with your advice, I called my SA and said no. I thought that I could put my money to better use and perhaps get a more classic bag.

    So, I went to LV on Sat and here is my new love - the damier duomo! :love:

    I'm really in love - she's the only damier I have, I like the dark neutral colour. She is so classy, structured and goes with most of my wardrobe. :tender:

    Here she is, together with the red epi lockit :heart: that I bought last month.

    Just wanted to share my joy. Thanks everyone for your kind advice! I can't be happier with my choice. :biggrin:
  2. Wow... just perfect for you!

  3. Congrats!!!! It looks great on you.
  4. wow, i love both, congrats!
  5. Gorgeous bags, congrats!
  6. Congrats, and I love the little charm on your Lockit!
  7. congrats on both your lovelies!!! :smile:
  8. Thanks ladies for your kind comments. I can't stop looking at my duomo. She's sitting beside me.
  9. Congratulations! Nice choice.
  10. Hii.. the epi lockit - izzit spacious?! I saw the ivorie IRL and I kinda like it, but comtemplated coz of the size and the color coz I already have the red passy pm...
  11. Well, the lockit holds alot more than I thought it would. It's quite spacious actually, though unlike the speedy, you have to plan how to pack your things in (you can't just throw everything in and zip up). Perhaps I can take a photo of what goes in tonight. It certainly makes my bag looks neater. Ditto the duomo.
  12. mmmmmmmmmm i love the duomo, tht is m next damier. so gorgeous,congrats.
  13. Congratulations!! Duomo is such a beauty. Totally understand that you just keep admiring it ~ Enjoy!!
  14. The Duomo is beautiful! And love the red epi :heart: Congrats!
  15. Honestly, i think you made a great choice!