My new LVOE top!

  1. I was visiting Southcoast Plaza last week and just went into the boutique to "browse", but ended up leaving with this LVOE top. The attached scarf can be worn either tied or untied. It was also available in Black or Brown. It'll be cute and casual when paired with jeans for the Fall.
    IMG_0585a.JPG IMG_0590a.JPG IMG_0577a.JPG IMG_0588a.JPG IMG_0582a.JPG
  2. Wow, what a cute LV top!
  3. Wow, I love it, how cute! Congrats!

    Definitely need some modeling pics though... :p
  4. Very cool! Congrats.
  5. very nice. any modelling pics?
  6. Cute!
  7. I LoVe it!!!

  8. so cute!
  9. No... too shy to model :shame:
  10. Congrats on your new top !!!
    It's nice seeing LV ready-to-wear pics here, as most stores don't have clothing...

    p.s. I love your H bracelet !!!!(avatar)
  11. That is adorable! Congrats!
  12. Really cute! I really like the charms attached to the scarf. I love seeing LV clothes in this forum, we need more!
  13. Congrats! It looks great!
  14. Love the top!! Congrats
  15. Love it, so cute, congrats!!