My new LVOE sweater...and new flower flat sandals on its way!!!

  1. Just got this from Bal Harbour, FL store =)

    Too bad I missed out on the tees when they were first released but this sweater is ultra soft (cashmere silk blend) and quite lightweight...the design is gorgeous in real life too!!!



    Also...this should be arriving tomorrow--lets hope these are more comfy than my last pair of LV sandals I had with the rope tie around the ankle...those were incredibly hard to wear and walk in...

  2. Very cute congrats!! I love Bal Habour
  3. very nice, congrats!

    cute sandals!
  4. Super cute! Looks really comfy too.

    Love the sandals too, I saw those in the NYC LV. I remember ogling them. Please post pics when you get them :flowers:.
  5. The sweater is sooo adorable !
  6. Wow I love it, congrats!

    The sandals are too cute... love the style and design! Please post modeling pics when they come!
  7. love those sandals! congrats on the new goodies!
  8. Congrats! I love those Sandals , They are so cute!
  9. Gorgeous sandals and nice sweaters:tup:
  10. LOVE the sweater!!!! So CUTE!!!
  11. Awww that sweater looks so cute and comfy :love: Can't wait to see pics of your sandals!
  12. [​IMG]

    OMG I love that sweater. I would totally rock that. May I ask how much it was? Thanks for posting pics and congrats on the fab purchases.
  13. Thats is tight!
  14. very cute. didnt know lv made that stuff.
  15. :nuts: LOVE your sweather....... so gorgeous!!! wanna get one myself :p

    and the sandals are very cute!!!!!!!!! Congrats..........