My new LV

  1. I haven't really liked anything from LV lately - I'm getting more into Chanel, but a friend of mine brought me back this from Paris. Love it!

  2. Gorgeous! Congrats! What a nice friend you have :smile:
  3. How cute! Congrats...
  4. very nice.
  5. awsome snowglobe... and awsome friend! :nuts: :yahoo:
  6. wow what a great friend! Congrats, it's super cute!
  7. I love this! Congrats!
  8. Very nice. :yes:
  9. Congrats.
  10. That is really cool - congrats and what a wonderful friend!
  11. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I have a very small collection of snowglobes and I would love to add that to it. Congratulations on the gift and the nice friend!
  12. LOVES IT :heart: congrats
  13. wow very nice! congrats!
  14. I LOVE LV snowglobe!!!:love:
  15. It's exquisite! Can you take a closer picture of it? thanks.