my new lv!

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  1. hi everybody!!!:yahoo:
    please help me in my decition ...;)
    well i am going to buy papillon but im not sure if i buy...
    papillon 26 or 30 ?

    im 16 years old and this bag i so special for me because im love it !!:heart:

    what do you think ??
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. if you're 16, i would go with the smaller one. it's more fun and young. The older one might be too bulky.
  3. I prefer the 26 but I actually like it in damier more than mono
  4. I agree. Good Luck!!
  5. I think 26 would be a better size if ur petite.. 30 if ur on the big side..
  6. I really like the papillion better in Damier too! I would get the 30 though...holds more.
  7. I love the damier 30! good luck.
  8. definitely 26!
  9. i find the 26 more attractive. and i agree with azia, it's more fun and young!
  10. 30 gets my vote.
  11. i prefer in damier, worry free for the strap !
  12. Although the 26 might suit you best at the moment, I think getting a 30 would be a wiser choice... you'd have plenty of room for your things and you'd grow into the bag. :tup:
  13. I would go with the 30.
  14. I vote for the 30 all the way. Your going to be growing since your young and the 30 is something you'll have for a long time.
  15. I would go with the 26 at your age, then you can upgrade later on! ;)