My New LV Wedges!!!

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  1. The Fedex fairy delivered this today. However, I must leave you all for now. It was a pleasure being a part of the LV posse, but I must focus on CHANEL!! Farewell for now...
    lv wedges.jpg
  2. Very cute! perfect for the summer! congrats!
  3. omg perfect!! those are gorgeous, congrats!
  4. I think they are hot! Congrats!
  5. I like the matching bag! you should get it and stick around the LV posse for awhile longer!
  6. Actually, I was thinking about getting the matching bag. The barometer is eBay. I checked eBay and saw MANY fakes. That deterred me. Whatever is plentiful on eBay, I avoid to purchase.

    Check you LV chicks out later!! Holla at CHANEL!!!!!:flowers:
  7. So cute, perfect for summer!
  8. I too thought I had to give up LV for Chanel and Hermes, and while those two are atop Lv on my priorities list, I still love 'em!
  9. Yup, very cute for summer, enjoy!
  10. Cute!
  11. Love, Love, Love The Global Wedges!!!
  12. Congratulations! I just bought the very same ones last Sunday!!
  13. Yaay!!! We are Trunk sistas fo' life!! :heart:
  14. great sandals for summer!!!
  15. Super cute!