My New LV Wallet !

  1. :heart:
  2. :heart: LOVE:heart:
  3. Pretty!!!
  4. Thanks. I really like the golden chain.
  5. Very nice! Congrats!
  6. It's Beautiful! Enjoy!
  7. Oh, I love it! That's the Portefeuille Accordéon isn't it?
  8. I love that! It's actually on my list to buy! Congrats!
  9. What a lovely piece!!!:love: Enjoy!!!
  10. A beauty! Enjoy! :flowers:
  11. Thank you ,girls !!!

    I love you all!
  12. Congrats! Very cute!
  13. i love your nail color.
  14. cute!! can we see pics of the inside...? (i'm on a search for the perfect wallet)
  15. congratulations, very cute
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