My New LV Wallet (and I'm a guy) : Opinions Needed!

  1. Hiya All,

    This is my first post here on tPF and hope to soon become an established member!

    Anyway, my purpose here today is to show you off my new Portefeuille Accordeon wallet in brown colour. I bought it from my usual LV store at the Emporium mall in Bangkok (I'm from Thailand).

    Photographs of my wallet can be found at this website

    I've decided to buy this wallet because it'll be my first "long" wallet and the palladium silver chain looks very cool and practical. My current 2 year-old Prada zipper wallet is getting old and tired + smelly - so it is time for the LV to replace it.

    The price paid for this wallet is 24,600 Thai Baht or roughly US$700, the most expensive wallet I've ever purchased. The particular version I bought (Taiga line in brown) was also slightly more expensive than the monogram and damier counterparts - but I love the clean non pretentious look of Taiga leather. The question for you guys is:

    - Am I insane to have paid US$ 700 for a wallet :nuts:
    - I'm gay, but will this "long" wallet type makes me even gayer? :yahoo:

    All in all, I am loving my new wallet to death. Anyone looking to buy another wallet like mine will appreciate the following practical features:

    - chain to attach to your trouser
    - 6 credit-card slots
    - lots of portions for receipts and paper
    - coin zipper
    - "different" style/look especially for men
    - it's gorgeously beauitful + masculine (?)

    Please comment and give opinions. Thanks!

  2. I think that is a perfect wallet for a guy!!!!!
  3. lol not gay at all!! Enjoy it!!
  4. That wallet would be good for a guy.
  5. Hello welcome to the forum. :yes:

    I think if you love the wallet, and it lasts a long time then it is money well spent. My question, what does sexuality have to do with a wallet? :confused1:Anyway, enjoy your new wallet it is very nice.
  6. First off, you're not insane for the $$ you spent. I paid US$710 for my Pomme Zippy wallet recently.

    I think this is a great wallet for a guy. Use it in good health. :tup:
  7. yay congrats!!! it's a fabulous wallet, enjoy it!!!
  8. Gorgeous wallet!
  9. Great wallet! Very appropriate for a guy, IMO.
  10. i love it! it's a perfect wallet for a guy :smile:
  11. I don't think it makes you gayer, even with the silver chain thinge. To me, it is very sophisticated and classy and I love it, you definitely make the right choice, trust me!!
  12. It isn't items that make you gay! Use it in good health, it is a beautiful wallet and in my opinion quite masculine!
  13. Wow, I'm impressed by all the positive comments. Thank you everyone!

    I'm glad I've made the right decision. All LV purchases are good investment anyway, right?! heheheeheh. I'm sure this wallet will last me a long time.

    P.S. The LV store I went to has one of the limited "groom collection" coin purse/keychain left (rectangular), it costs about $200. Does anyone think I should get hold of this. They're holding it for me in reserve for 3 days.
  14. Hey, I notice you have a speedy 40! Does it work for you, coz I'm eying for one as well. I'm not so "out" yet, will it attract a lot of stares if I'm a guy holding a speedy?
  15. It is not one bit gay looking for a guy to carry this long wallet in my opinion. It is popular for guys to have silver (but not gold) chains attatched to their wallets around here, though usually to the smaller billfolds. You made an excellent choice, a great wallet for a guy.