My New LV...Sweet DH!!!

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  1. I've been wanting this LV for quite sometime. So excited when DH said "let's go to LV Boutique."


  2. [​IMG]
  3. Woohoo!! SHOW US!!
  4. I finally got her...Trevi GM!!!

  5. congrats!
    i am sure you will absolutely love this bag! enjoy!
  6. Thanks tater_tits.
  7. And, to model her...need a better mirror, one in closet shows my messy closet!!!

  8. it's beautiful! congrats!
  9. Thanks, baglover.
  10. I really love that bag!
    And I'm liking the GM size, more and more.

  11. i'm sooo jealous! wish my DH would ask me the same question LOL!
  12. Great bag, congrats! Now you can strike it off your list! :biggrin:
  13. Congrats!! Looks great on you!
  14. I love the GM because I wanted to make sure it was completely different from my Damier Speedy 35. And, I love the larger size of the GM. Yes, it's great when DH wants to take me to LV Boutique. He loves it there, and knows everyone. Everyone is always so nice at my Boutique!
  15. Wow that's an amazing bag, congrats!