My new LV surprise, & it's not a damier speedy

  1. Here it is...................[​IMG]
    necklace3 (2).jpg
  2. bookmark?
  3. Aw, come on! Don't keep us in suspense:graucho: .
  4. Watch????
  5. Here's the adorable box it came in
    necklace4 (2).jpg
  6. Ta Da
    necklace5 (2).jpg
  7. Wait- What is it?
  8. oooo very pretty- I like the case
  9. THAT IS SO CUTE! :love: I was just admiring it on Eluxury last night...congrats!
  10. NICE!!!! I want the BOX!
  11. love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I Love The Box!!!!
  12. that's so cute! how much was it???
    i would buy that just for the box it comes in :lol:
  13. wearing it
    necklace2 (2).jpg
  14. Very pretty!!!! Congrats!!
  15. one last pic
    necklace1 (4).jpg
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