My new LV sunnies, keep or return it?


Keep or return it?

  1. Keep it!

  2. Nah..return it and get the Conspiration GM!!

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  1. I went to LV store to check out the MC agenda that my SA ordered for me. I couldn't justify spending A$900 on it, so got these instead!! The Soupcon GM sunnies, I was actually torn between these and the Conspiration GM. Got back home, I'm still not sure:shrugs:. Should I keep the Soupcon GM or go back and exchange it for the Conspiration GM??

  2. Those are adorable but I think the Conspirations would look really good on you too!
  3. think so?? Ahhhh....I'm kicking myself right now:push:!!!
  4. I think you'd be able to pull off that style really well. :yes:
    Both would look really cute though, just depends on whether you want darker glasses or lighter ones.
  5. Love them! Keep! I'm getting a pair too!
  6. looks really good on ya, keep it, congrats:biggrin:
  7. Actually thats why I chose the Soupcon GM in the first place, I wanted darker glasses:shame:. But I really :heart: the shape of Conspiration GM
  8. I would keep those. You look great in them!!!!!!!!!! You have the ones in honey, don't you? I have the honey ones too (love), so that gives you a dark & light color. Congrats!!!
  9. I have the Obsession square in honey, very light color:heart:!
  10. In that case, keep them!
  11. Still torn....HELP!!!!! Which shape do you think would look better on me????????:confused1:
  12. Honestly, I think you can work both shapes really well. Since you already have a lighter pair though, I'd keep the ones you bought, they're hot!
  13. Another vote for keep, the sunnies are really cute! : )
  14. Thanks~:heart:!!!Its my first time wearing darker glasses, feel a bit weird, haha!
  15. You look FABULOUS! Keep them!!!! :yes: