My new Lv sneakers!

  1. I purchased them yesterday after saving for four months, and i finally got them, I choosed the footing sneakers bcz I love denim items. first i took the ones with vachetta (well certainly dont know if it is vachetta I thought i´d look as a fool answering...) and I hate the patina in my items and more, its harder to keep clean, so the ones in black are preety better. I attach some pictures, they look so nice and I´more excited bcz they are my very first Vuitton shoes!

    p.s. sorry for the poor quelity images but my camera is not working well:shame:
  2. I think you forgot the pics, hiram =)
  3. lol..i cant wait to see the pics!
  4. They sound great!
  5. aww you got me so excited and then there's no pics =( if you need help, just PM me =)

    congrats on your new sneakers though!! and your first LV shoes!
  6. I wanna see pics too!
  7. Hi girls, beem trying to show u the pics but I simply cant!
    Don´t know why, maybe its my PC bcz time before I upload some pics, but this tie I cant... could u help me?
  8. congrats on the sneakers =D
  9. Congratulations! Enjoy!!!
  10. congrats and enjoy!
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