My new LV rule to keep me in line....

  1. Today I decided no more than 3 LV bags in my collection at one time. If I want another LV I must sell one. Accesories do not count IMO...and my pouchette accessoire counts as an accesory not a bag. I notice some people consider it a bag. So my three bags are my black MC Aureilla MM, LH and Speedy and for now it is good. Eventually I may sell Speedy 30 to get another shoulder bag. I have discovered that I like shoulder bags better than hand held. Great new rule which should keep me in line. Also I am rotating my bags every other day so I desire a new bag even less. Just some strategies to keep me on the straight and narrow.....
  2. Sounds good! Enjoy your LH today!!:yes:
  3. That's actually a very good way to manage it. I know some people who won't buy new clothes unless they get rid of something from the closet. They see it as balancing what they have so as not to have too much and not to be able to utilize it.
  4. That is a good rule...keeps your collection from getting so big that you can't use everything
  5. Same here! Yesterday I was able to part with my vintages (which included some like the Jeune Fille, St. Cloud, and Boulogne). I realized I couldn't have too many bags, and these bags were kinda hard to get out of! I hope someone else will love them as much as I did. I still want another big bag, but getting a huge collection? Nah, it's not for me and it gets expensive. And I totally agree with getting one bag and selling the other.

    And ditto with the accessories! One can never have too little of those.
  6. Good idea LVpug! :yes: I think that even if you bought more Multicolor items like you mentioned in other threads, you will always go back to using your LH and Speedy the most (since they are the most conservative). I ended up returning a couple of my Multicolor items due to non-use or the red Alcantara lining actually bleeding thru my white Multicolor (a LV-known defect where the red lining is sewn tightly to the white MC canvas). Rotating is good, and so is finding other things to 'collect'. Anyhow, good luck! You're inspiring all of us to save money and enjoy what we have already!!
  7. Thanks everyone...I feel good about my decision to keep it down to 3 LV handbags at any one time. My black MC is my funky/fun bag and the speedy 30 and LH are my standard everyday bags. My pouchette is an accessories bag but, can be an evening bag. What more does a girl need??? Plus I have some gucci, coach and prada. It is fun to look at everyones bags but, for me 3 handbags is more than enough to rotate and manage. It feels good to have a rule and to be happy with what you have and not feel like you need/want more. I thinking choosing your bags wisely is so important because they are an expensive investment.
  8. I agree but I only have one so I NEED more LV, lol^^^