my new LV purse & wallet

  1. Priscilla & Porte
    DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0038.JPG
  2. OMG so Cute. Congrats :flowers:
  3. awww thats sooo pretty...congrats!!
  4. I like Priscilla. Very nice bag...Now I want one.
  5. How cute :heart: Can you wear it on your shoulder or is it too snug?​
  6. So Pretty!!!! Congrats!!!!!!
  7. I can only carry it, I can't wear it on my shoulder, cauz it's a little bit smalle.:graucho:
  8. Beautiful choices! I love that wallet! Congrats and thanks for the pictures!
  9. Congrats! They're so cute!
  10. Congrat's they are lovely :smile:
  11. So Pretty:love: Congrats:amuse:
  12. congrats! love the wallet too!
  13. I love your white multicolore set! Gorgeous!
  14. Love them both! :heart: So cute!!!
  15. It looks beautiful! I saw the priscilla at LV the other day and it is so nice! A very nice speedy alternative I think
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