My new LV purchase!!

  1. I got the Baggy GM today in blue!!!! I really wanted to get the head scarf but neither LVs near me had them and I didn't want to go into the city. So I will go on Tuesday in NYC. Hopefully I will get it there. As you know I was debating between the Gm and Pm. The SA advised that I put all the things I have in my on an everyday basis. Today I was going light. I had my wallet, sunglass clase, makeup bag (didn't have a lot in there), cell phone keys and in the PM I made the bag look to bulcky and not as comortable around the shoulder. I loved the roomyness of the GM and the oversized look, because it is a casual bag. At the first LV store (in Riverside Sq. mall) the SA offered me one from the back which already has a patina and some scratched ( ugh NO) and then the display. I was upset but then decided to go to the second LV store in Paramus NJ. There I got a perfect bag. I am soo excited.:lol: :lol:

    Also not LV related. NM sent a borchure to the house and they were offering a free lace bag, all you have to do is come in and pick it up. I picked it up and I love it. Whats better than a free bag. It is black and white lace and it matches perectly with lace Alexander Mcqueen slingbacks that I have. I will post pictures.:love: :love: :love:
  2. congrats minnie! can't wait to see pics!!
  3. ohh congrats on both bags Minnie!! The GM sounds perfect for you and that lace bag sounds very pretty!
  4. congrats minnie!! :biggrin: and why does riverside square always seem to have defective weird stuff?.......when i bought my bandeau scarf from there i got home and saw it had a run in i went back to exchange it and the lady brought out another which also had a run....and then another, and another.....she finally brought out every single one left in stock, and out of all of them there was only one that didn't already have a run in it :Push:......can't wait to see your new purchases tho :P
  5. Grats! I can't wait to see the pics! Sounds like an eventful day for you!!!!!! :P
  6. Here are the pictures.
    DSC01488.jpg DSC01489.jpg DSC01490.jpg DSC01492.jpg
  7. I like!! Congrats!!
  8. LOVE it on you!!!!:love: YOU LOOK HOT HOT HOT!!!!
  9. Congrats! It's beautiful on you :love: What bridge is that in the background ?
  10. Its the GWB (George Washington Bridge) Connecting NJ and NYC.
  11. Minnie you look AMAZING!! It's absolutely perfect on you, congrats!! And thanks for sharing!

    oh love the havanas 7s! ;P
  12. The Bag is fantastic on you, congratulations.
  13. Wow! It looks fab on you! Congrats!
  14. Congrats Minnie. The bag suits you well and it looks wonderful on you. Enjoy it and use it well. Are you getting the bandeau to tie around the Baggy GM? If so, post some pics if possible. Would love to see how that looks. I just got the fuschia perfo bandeau and have it tied onto my mono large bucket bag. I love the way it kinda gives it a different personality :smile:
  15. It looks fab on you!!! Congrats.