my new LV purchase (and a question)


I Bleed Georgia Red
Oct 18, 2005
New York City
since i'm in Atlanta visiting my parents this weekend, i figured it would be the perfect time to get the LV framboise vernis agenda that i had been lusting after - so i did! i don't have a pic because i'm hiding it from my mom, so i'll post those when i get back to Athens, but i also got the Cerises agenda fill to go in it because my SA said that this was the last year they were making them for and the store wouldn't be restocked - and there were only two left! plus they were adorable. i didn't get any of the cerises bags, so i figured it was a good purchase. i'm so excited, the color is SO pretty, and it's no longer on elux, so i'm really glad i went ahead and got it.

my question, however, is about a mulberry bag. they had this bag:

in apple green on sale at nordstrom for like $347 down from $795. i didn't get it - but now i'm wondering if i should have! it was really a lot cuter than i thought it would be, and the color was so pretty, but i don't know if i'd be buying it more because it was a great deal or because it was a great bag. thoughts?


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Oct 29, 2005
Apply green sounds so yummy. I regret for not jumping on the apple green phoebe. I think you should go for it if you're still aching towards it tomorrow.


Oct 23, 2005
South Florida
I agree with Irissy. I'd sleep on it, and if you're still thinking about it tomorrow, go and buy it. That is a good deal, and I've read nothing but good things about Mulberry. Plus, the color is :love:

Congrats on the agenda! I bet the color is gorgeous.


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Nov 20, 2005
O.k wow, my first post in U.S. Wireless so I have not been able to get online...or had much time. Amanda HI! and CONGRATS!!! The agenda and fills sound so cute ,I think it was a great choice!....The mulberry is gorgeous, are you in the mood for another bag? I understand the deal thing calling you but is that the bag you want to invest $400. on? I love it, but think where you are and you answer will come.


Jan 12, 2006
How fun Amanda!!! Can't wait to see pics!

I LOVE Mulberry, I agree w/ the PP's, if you're still pining tomorrow go snatch that thang up!
Jan 10, 2006
Sleep on it, have breakfast in the a.m. If you're still thinking about then get it--you can always return it since it's from Nordy's.


Us bound
Congrats Amanda!! Now I really wish I would have bought my LV agenda :P
I like the Mulberry, but I prefer it in its natural leather color I think. Buying a bag just because it's a great deal is not a good idea, so if you think you might be doing that stay away. And just enjoy your lovely agenda :love:

Lol, and I laughed when I read that you're hiding it from your mom.