My new LV: Pochette Marelle

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  1. Just bougth it in Porto Cervo ( Sardinia)

    I :heart: it!
  2. congrats!! it looks so cute!!! enjoy it!
  3. Congrats !
  4. oooh i love it!!! enjoy!
  5. Congrats. = )
  6. ooo... it's a versatile'll have lotsa fun taking it out...

    especially after you become adept with opening the buckles!
  7. Very cute. Congrats and enjoy!!
  8. aw, so pretty, enjoy!
  9. Very cute. Is that a waist belt or shoulder strap included?
  10. oh..I just got that too!
  11. Congrats l_b and Jill! It's really cute!
  12. It is a shoulder strap...
  13. That is very cute! Enjoy and congratulations!:biggrin:
  14. I love it, so cute! Congrats!
  15. LOVE it!!!!! Congrats and enjoy!