My new LV MIZI w/ LV silk Scarf tie!

  1. Hey guys, I'm not much into a scarf tied on the handbag much, but I just bought this LV silk scarf w/ orange & Mono logo and tied her on! I need your oppion if this looks ok, did I tie it right? If it looks stupid PLEASE tell me or give me some instructions to make it nicer. I also took a pic of the other side.
    Ann, Selena & Pelinaka are you checking this out too?
  2. Cute Keykey.

    I have that scarf....and bag too. Thanks for the idea :idea:

    I only use mine on the batginolles horizontal but it looks good on this too :yes:
  3. I love the Mizi! Congrats!
  4. The no scarf look. The back!
  5. it..
  6. quite darling...I love it!!
  7. Wow, looks great! Btw...where did you get the mizi?
  8. I was lucky & found her through Pelinaka (a friend)Its my favorite LV bag.
    So far everyone likes it, thats nice because I like it too. Its growing more & more on me.
  9. I love it keykey! I think it looks really cute :supacool:
  10. I don't like it... :blah:

    I LOVE it!!! :love:
  11. That looks so good together :drool: .
    I am loving the MIZI now,such a *gorgeous* bag.. :love:
  12. Thanks...Everyones oppions meen alot to me! If it looked stupid you would tell me I know.
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. It's really cute! I Love it!
  15. yep, the scarf works.... it stays ;)
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