My new LV MC Agenda...

  1. Just acquired this excited about how great it looks and (for those of you that know that I love the 'functionality' aspect of my items) this is so functional!! :love:

    I gotta thank PF member, Swedie for letting me give it a good home...;)

    Loves it~!!:nuts:

    Doesn't it make a great pair with my Wapity?? :amuse:
  2. Purrrty!! (and functional!!) Congrats!
  3. Very nice. I love, love it!!
  4. It's Gorgeous! It Does Look Really Nice With The Wapity!!!
  5. Fabulous! Those are 2 great puchases.
  6. *takes a bow*
    thank ya...thank ya...thank ya...
  7. what a cute set! your'e all ready for spring!
  8. I know, right?

    Did I mention how much I love this place?!?!?
  9. What a great pair!
  10. wow, that's totally cute.
  11. How cute are they ! I have the black mc agenda and now want the wapity (wah!!!!!!!!). I just love MC accessoires, especially in black ! But with your white set you are already for summer. Enjoy !
  12. which mc bag do u wear them with?
  13. Love it. You're always shopping! Lucky! ; )
  14. Cute. It looks good next to the wapity.
  15. Awww what a cutie pair!
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