My new LV Goodies........

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  1. Finally, pics of my latest LV...:yahoo:
  2. Ohh...these are fantastic purchases:yahoo: Show us MORE:choochoo:
  3. Wow.....
    What's inside
  4. woowwwwwoowww~~Thats a lotttt!!! Congrats!! Whats inside???
  5. Manhattan PM..
    Pastilles Keychain.
    Groom agenda, cles and bandeau.

    (Trouville modelling the pastilles is a bag I already had but haven't used yet. It's "new" but not a new purchase.:lol: )
    Manhattan PM.JPG Groom& Pastilles.JPG Groom.JPG Pastilles.JPG Pastilles on bag..JPG
  6. Woww!! Love them all!!!!
  7. u have to show us!!
  8. Very nice! Congrats on your purchases.
  9. Mmmh...guessing game huh? ok:hrmm:

    Is it a:wondering


    :P :smile: ;)
  10. WOW. I can only dream.....
  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: We have a winner!!
    No guessing game, just slow getting the other pics loaded.
  12. WOW .. congrats on your new purchases:wlae: GREAT CHOICES:love:
  13. Wow! :love:everything looks great!:heart: Congratulations!
  14. cute ... i :heart: all of it
  15. Gorgeous! Gongratulations!