My new LV goodies!

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  1. I got a call during the week that something I'd been waiting on had arrived so today I went down to collect while we were there we picked up a couple other goodies

    before we get to my goodies I had the Rayeur Tisse "messenger" bag reserved too it had arrived but there was a small problem it's not a messenger bag :sad: from the pics it looked like a messenger but the strap isn't long enough it didn't look quite right on me so I passed

    My limelight 2 is also in but I couldn't have it as they can't sell before release date I saw the PM in black but didn't like it the material felt very stiff compared to the other limelights and I didn't like the size that much BUT the GM in GOLD OMG :crybaby:come to mama!!!

    Anyway on to my goodies to take a guess?

  2. New shoes? A belt?
  3. Ahhh Claire, noooo fair!!! SHOW US SHOW US!!!
  4. I guess belt, shoes, scarf. COME ON :nuts:
  5. Belt...bandeau..scarf...??? Show us!
  6. Too tired to guess, show us the booty! :smile:
  7. Edit - I Guess The New Vernis Cles
  8. Very good guesses!!!

    This actually from BF for his Mam Damier speedy 30


    This is what I had to collect

    This I look at all the time so I just had to get it

    This is BF's


  9. got that last week come on Steve keep up :p
  10. OMG I remember LOL :shame:, But I was right about three of them :tup:, The speedy is nice, does she have a louis Vuitton collection or is this her first one ?
  11. Visuals on the shoes
  12. She has a few pieces MC speedy, damier sauvage don't remember which one, Mini Mono Besace and a few damier bags I can't remember all but she didn't have a speedy and loves damier so it seemed obvious
  13. Love it all-- especially the scarf.
  14. Love those shoes, Claire! I've been ogling them each time I go into the store. :drool:
  15. they're all gorgeous! the mini lin croisette wedge sandals are TDF! looks great on you!